Olive Oil 

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The Empordà is noted for more than just its wines, which have won awards in contests all over the world. The character of this land, shaped by the wind and the sea, is also transmitted to our Perelada Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Syrah Vinegar, two essential accompaniments to the finest Mediterranean cuisine.

Olive Oil El Molí de Perelada

El Molí de Perelada collects the essence of the Empordà. The result is a Mediterranean oil that reflects the aromas of its landscapes.

Designation of origin: Empordà.
Varietals: Argudell (100%).
Elaboration: Greenish color, clear and bright. The aroma is clean, of the olive itself and of green almonds with herbal nuances. Taste of nature, reminiscent of early morning dew, with a slightly spicy finish that awakens the senses. Soft, opulent, and sweet in the mouth. It has a good taste balance.

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Meet the heterogeneity of Empordà soils